How does PDGM help build the entrepreneur in you

Shailendra Dubey

Many students often wonder if doing a PGDM would help them start their own successful venture and while the answer may vary, here is a very awesome list of reasons to explain why a PGDM is a must if you dream of eventually being your own boss.
How does PDGM help build the entrepreneur in you-Lexicon MILE
  1. A PGDM experience can help one step out their comfort zone – A lot of us are hiding under a shell and seldom express our views, the presentation and networking opportunities in a college environment can help us explore the inner entrepreneur within us without the fear of judgment because everybody is learning together.
  2. A PGDM is a brilliant way to network – Most of the people get stuck in a rut and do not know how to network with fellow entrepreneurs. They do not know where to seek inspiration from, doing a PGDM makes this extremely easy because there are multiple opportunities to network and talk with industry bigwigs. Guest speakers and trainers frequently visit colleges making PGDM the best way to meet industry leaders and meet like-minded people who also want to grow.
  3. A PGDM offers a support network like no other – Most degrees have people studying only technicalities, while PGDM courses build a team out of students and give them ways to collaborate and brainstorm great ideas. A peer-support network like this is the best option if one wants to start a successful venture.
  4. A PGDM helps you gain the required skills to run a business – From hiring employees to getting customers one would need a deep understanding of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Strategic planning. Every business decision would require careful analysis and deep understanding, this is where the subjects learned during a PGDM would prove to be useful. Everything from theory subjects like labor laws to more practical subjects like statistics has a role to play in overall success at business.
  5. A PGDM will give you the right credentials to attract potential clients – Doing a PGDM will give evidence to potential clients that you are somebody who has invested time and effort into learning your craft. This is highly valuable especially in an economy like ours where people still give importance to degrees.
  6. A PGDM will bring out the leader within you – One grows in a PGDM by practically doing and managing a lot of projects this inspires and inculcates the leadership qualities within us. It helps us build the required hard and soft skills required to lead and inspire a team at a later stage in life.
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