How one will look for Job in 2018

Kishore Kunal

2018 a year where the Indian currency is becoming weaker than ever before. A year where price of crude oil is like increasing every week. But still 2018 is going to be the get larger for those who are in search of job. Due to its Young generation India is getting this advantage. As most of the Multinational companies are now changing its trend towards REVERSE INNOVATION. Now reverse innovation says that, historically, multinationals innovated in a rich country and sold those products in a poor country. Reserve Innovation is doing exactly the opposite. It is about innovating in a poor country and selling those products in a rich country. New business models in emerging markets first – instead of scaling down rich-world products – to unlock a world of opportunities for your business. Stemming from a pivotal article in Harvard Business Review, new business models in emerging markets first – instead of scaling down rich-world products – to unlock a world of opportunities for your business. Stemming from a pivotal article in Harvard Business Review, reverse innovation presentation offers an important next step for companies looking to derive long-term value from emerging markets. As the market emerge it will give direct benefit to all the person who are in search of job. So due to Reverse Innovation Indians going to have lots of investment from the overseas and due to this lots of job is being generated in this Year.So India be ready for opportunities coming towards you. Be the no. Manufacturers in the Globe.

Naveen Yadav

I write in favor of it such point specify in under.
    1. They have 3 thing attention if you look job for 2018:- many recruiter and many job employer not mention there job they are perusing and recurring because they hate there central job and zip recruiter found.
    2. Nearly 45%half of American who are actively looking for new job they say at least love their job.
    3. Now a day currently phenomena and scenario is that they want better from now job they not satisfy they follow attributes .it not follow work result for it they done.
    4. The manpower employment outlook survey 20%of 11000 employ they do quarter planning for it before to join Job they fit system it mindset that type through which not progress have it.
Egg- Devotee global Human capital trend 77%of people due to HR trends take advantage of the skills so if you plan new job from 2018 keep that point ember.
      1. according to Dan shapero vice president of LinkedIn say that now a day very fast skill change in time so that we should open aware for scope of new career of skill of develop through which our economy and something new help for company growth
      2. — but one point come if your boss good you work with it properly way so result and great outcome find out if you do well in it also you have promoted easily more chance to other org in gone because they made like as family type work. They know you then for promotion they give first chance you then other.
      3. Statistics data scientist are also trend in it.
      4. according to prof monkey survey CEO zander lure top most rewarded award change your company future communicate self-motivated communicated

Top three skill in profession


Learning attitude

Try always new

If you work with AI there name is that related to machinery learning.

“(keystone partner expert of interviews say that showing to future employers not only that understand technology of the today actively learning new skills learning doesn’t stop to end of diploma also egg–Amani family also learn to book how to read book in 1 minute how make profit in 1 minute. Bill gate Is the Great example of the learning never end new skill all job have that employ want who create great too. For org Bill gate reach because to fail but never stop to learn respect for time sleep with not open shoes it crazy is also do good outcome that type person org want. Because every have new and learn for they do job but they should serious for work you not need change job)”

Nitya Chaudhary

David Bly said “Striving for success without hardwork is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”.

The process for searching jobs maybe different for every other person and it also depends upon the industry as well. There are multiple research done to find some strategies that can help one look for a job in 2018. In the earlier times newspaper did play an important role in finding a new job but then now this strategy is decreasing day by day while the other strategies of finding jobs through social media platforms is increasing.

    1. There are different career websites and the job searching platforms out of which some might be global while the others maybe regional.
    2. LinkedIn is one of the most common and known platform for the professionals and we can also consider this as a job search platform.
    3. Through the help of networking we should know the right people at the right time. One should have a clear mindset open to many discoveries, explore and be open to the new opportunities that can encounter your goal. The right people can somehow be a part of your network as they can recommend you for a better job in an any good company. Before you start building your network keep in mind that it is important to know who you are and what you exactly want.
    4. It is very important to have an updated cover letter and resume.
    5. Be precise enough with the company you wish to work and follow up the recruiters from the same.
    6. Start branding yourself across the different platforms.

    In this modern and dynamic job market where you want people to know you, what you do and what are your plans regarding finding a job and it will require combination of more of the other methods.

Khushbu Yadav

If we are looking for the job opportunities in 2018 we can see that there are so many opportunity that are arriving due to changing environment. With new technology and incorporation of new companies the need of skilled Human capital is increasing day by day. I have read a few lines in an article that AI is not eliminating jobs but it is creating Jobs. It is providing assistance to the employees in their work so the employee will have a change from usual method of doing work. Companies will retain the human capital to use the new technology or to redesign the new jobs for a skilled human capital. The skilled human capital is always valuable for the organisation and organisations give jobs to that people which can add value to their company. Now a days the stock market is growing well and the share prices of the companies is increased with the good amount that leads to profits and establishment of new companies and their expansion which will lead to more job opportunities.

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