Importance of Internship

Shailendra Dubey

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Knowledge though important is not the only factor that helps in career success. To set oneself apart it is vital to gain expertise as well. Students have agreat way of doing this through internships. An internship can give one a glimpse into corporate life without actually scoring a job.

The job market is highly competitive and it is crucial to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.
Importance of Internship-Lexicon MILE
An internship can help in many ways, a few of them are listed below –
  1. Internship is a way to apply knowledge- Internships are a great way to get practical exposure and apply what one studies in the classroom. One acquires a simulation of real-world jobs and learns skills that can be applied after joining the workforce full-time. Only doing something hands-on actually ensures that you learn it. For example, reading about riding a bike doesn’t help you actually ride a bike.
  2. Gaining an edge over the competition – Most students do an MBA/engineering/Masters these days so students have to strive to set themselves apart from the rest. Internships help build confidence and gain some contacts which may help them get a job in the same firm or a different one. An internship can show companies that the student was committed enough to work for a firm while studying.
  3. Internship helps to build network- The best way to get good referrals in the job market is to get an internship and build bonds with everybody in the firm, this helps build good-will in the corporate space and may help with placement in the same company in the future.
  4. Etiquette and professionalism – Internships help students learn the required soft skills, professional behaviors, and manners. Soft skills are known to be more important for success in a job that technical skills. Learning by doing especially at a young age will ensure great career success in the future.
  5. Gain mentorship – The best way to learn something is by going to someone who is already an expert at it. An internship can help students learn from seniors in the firm through questioning and observation. A good mentor to look up to can better life quality and keep one motivated.
Here are a few reasons as to why an internship is of the essence in today’s economy. The Lexicon MILE has tied up with the best of firms to ensure its students have doors open to the best of internships. We ensure that our students get a 9-month internship with a stipend of Rs 18000 to Rs 36000 and we have partnered with companies to ensure that good performance will lead to conversion into a job offer. With an internship like this, you will not be considered a fresher in this competitive job market.

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