One in four Indians can take pay cut to travel less for work

Shailendra Dubey

As we are aware by an survey of linked in people are saying that to work for Long hours is becoming a major concern for professionals due to high traffic on roads and lack of public transport, a survey has told that we Indians desire a shorter working time, and even many are willing to take a pay cut for this also. This feeling of desiring a shorter commute was the highest in India due to our working culture.

While most people said that their commute time has increased in the past one year, many felt their city transportation systems frequently delay them for the work. “The daily commute is a pain-point for most professionals in India. Lack of access to essential information pertaining to skills, referrals, job applications and commute time, can often be a roadblock to finding new opportunities,”. Around 47 per cent of the Indians felt more productive at work with a shorter commute time, and 48 per cent preferred a shorter commute so that they don’t get tired.

However, almost half of them said they would be willing to consider longer commute if it meant an increase of more than 20 per cent in their income. So in my opinion it is really good idea to decrease the time hence it will reduce the traffic also and sum how it will help in curing the pollution and a lot of stress issues.

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