Everything you need to know about PGDM , MBA

For someone who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur or go high up to a management level in a job, a management program like PGDM / MBA can prove to be very helpful.

A study of management subjects provides knowledge of the fundamentals of business, helps in understanding the market trends, the management skills needed to handle a successful business, provides practical knowledge through group discussions, internships, projects. It helps to improve the career growth. Soft skills like communication, leadership, motivation are taken to the next level.

PGDM and MBA are the best options if one is considering a career in business. PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a diploma which is offered by autonomous colleges in contrast to MBA ( Master of Business Administration) which is offered by recognized Universities.
Everything you need to know about PGDM , MBA_Lexicon MILE
Though both are considered similar, there are some small differences between the two. PGDM is more practical and teaches more technical aspects as opposed to an MBA degree. A PGDM provides exposure to real life business situations. As a PGDM is offered in autonomous universities, the curriculum is altered whenever needed to fit the market needs and current trend.

Generally, a management program covers the fundamentals of the major aspects like finance, marketing, human resources, and leadership. Elective courses are offered in these enabling the student to deepen the knowledge in the specified areas. The most common specializations of the management programs that are commonly offered are marketing, finance, human resources, operations, logistics and so on.

In recent days, specialised MBA programmes are also gaining popularity. These offer management knowledge in the specified field like healthcare, real estate, etc. These give focuses the study of the management and business skills with respect to that field.

The management study can be part-time, full time, executive and online programmes.
Of all these, full time management programs can be more rigorous and effective. The part- time programmes offer flexibility and ability to work on the remaining time. This helps you continue your career while pursuing a management study side by side. An executive programme would require minimum work experience. This is usually pursued by those who want to go to a higher level of leadership. Also, this is faster than a part – time programs. An online programme helps you to take the classes at your own pace while not compromising on your personal and professional commitments.
Whichever the course you choose, the key is to choose a reputed college because more than anything else, the environment and the faculty interactions play a major role in improving your management skills.

Lexicon management school provides PGDM and Global MBA courses to students, which helps the students to specialize in more than one area. Marketing, finance and human resource management specialisations are offered. We have corporate faculties from Indian and Foreign countries. Many practical experiences are offered like corporate mentoring, industrial visits, business practice sessions, innovative case studies and so on. Dr.Vijay Bhatkar inaugurated an innovation lab at the Lexicon campus, this lab produces over 8 patents in a year.
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