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COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed economic activity across the globe. Production activities fell sharply across Asia with a sharp fall in export powerhouses such as Japan, South Korea, China, and India.
The coronavirus global pandemic forced companies to evaluate how well they are prepared to manage such a crisis and what they need to do to make sure that the supply chain remains in operational mode. There is no simple solution for such kind of massive disruption. A novel kind of supply chain management approach is needed to overcome this level of disruptions.
Hence during the pandemic and post pandemic the issues relating to “Supply Chain Management” will be significant to the success for the most countries as well as corporates.
Recognizing the criticality of the subject, Lexicon Institute of Leadership and Excellence, Pune has planned to conduct a MEGA International Conference on the theme “Supply Chain Management” during 26th & 27th November 2020 at an International venue that is Mumbai. The institute has been in the forefront during the pandemic in keeping the spirit of learning and sharing high among all stakeholders in education sector. It has displayed the initiative in quickly adopting to the new normal and exhibited the efforts to keep the students, teachers and other community members motivated in learning new knowledge through webinars, training programs throughout the pandemic period.
It has now planned to conduct an International conference along with its education partners University of South Wales, University of New Haven, Hospitality Purchase Managers’ Forum (HPMF) and Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM).
The mega platform is expected to provide the appropriate platform to all concerned in supply chain management to present their research papers and discuss the new ideas and issues to overcome the problems created all over the world. The participants will be able to hear from successful business leaders and discover industry solutions and gaining valuable, actionable insights on the subject.
The platform also gives unique opportunity for academicians, managers, researchers and students across the world to come together to present their research papers and share their knowledge in new situation and help to set a new order in supply chain management
Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence welcomes all stakeholders viz academicians, business managers, researchers, and management students to participate in large numbers to make the International Conference a grand success.
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