Why Millennials are breaking the salary taboo

Amrut Chandorkar

Millennials are the people who are reaching there adulthood in the 21st century. They are known as Generation Y that precedes Generation X that was earlier into the picture. It is being predicted that the Millennials would be civic minded with a great sense of community at both local and global level. This is the reason they know how the community works and what the market pays. Millennials believe in fairness in all fields be it be work or their personal lives. Open communication is key to bond with Millennials as they believe in transparency. According to me coming from same generation has same financial concerns, having to pay the same amount and same problems almost everywhere leads to openness. Millennials prefer to work together rather than working in competition and thus leading to equality and fairness. Considering this many companies have now started to bring in more transparency in the payroll of the employees to ease the tension and increase efficiency and performance of the organization. The generation is becoming more and more open in terms of thoughts and thus being coming to same conclusion to their concerns. People generally try to keep their salaries a secret but Millennials on the other hand work together with their peers and not compete with them. Greater transparency leads to a culture of openness and due to this people tend to help others often. Thus Millennials are breaking the salary taboo by being open in their thoughts and not keeping secrecy.
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